About VALERY Design

Hi, my name is Caroline T. and I’m the owner and designer of VALERY journals.

I handpicked VALERY as my meaningful identity of my brand whose name origin comes from a well-known French essayist and philosopher Paul Valéry.

As the designer, I don’t quite remember the reason I make journals. Maybe it’s because I’m a person with very bad memories and I want to improve my lifestyle. Journaling maybe the best way to keep my memories alive. It is a lifestyle in which I can reach deep inside and pull out whatever it is inside me through writing or drawing.

I want to reach many writers who share the same passion and love of jotting words of their psyche as well as recording the emotions, thoughts, and stories that lurks in the deepest part of their consciousness. With that in mind, I design personal writing journal with an antique feeling touch that displays how far you had it since.

Reading, Traveling and learning from other cultures are the forces that motivated me to develop the perfect diary to keep memories in the warmest way possible.

VALERY represents a lifestyle statement, it is a piece of notebook that gives a soft feel beneath the palm while the paper glides along while writing. By supporting VALERY journals project, not only you express your emotions, feelings, and expressions that comes inside you, but also help support cruelty free products that respect the integrity and dignity of animals.