Frequently Asked Questions

The ” leather” we use is faux leather, not from animal skin.

As a journal lover, unknown designer, talented trouble maker, harry potter fans, GOT fans, queen of one man, mother of two cats and one rabbit, I swear to you all, that the VALERY journal is made of faux leather.

Very few vegan leathers are made from natural materials like cork, kelp and even pineapple leaves.

The vegan leather we use is a microfiber that’s made from petroleum.It is soft, durable and much more earth friendly than the real leather manufacturing process.

We will choose the best vegan leather we can get to make VALERY journals, Soft,  no plastic feel,a  perfect replica of real leather.

For a writing journal or bag, it is durable.

But for shoes or jackets, it is not that durable and it’s less breathble.

Slim A5 refill:

Check here for Lined

Check here for Unlined:

B6 Refill:

Check here for Lined:

Check here for Unlined

It is friendly but not 100% to all the nibs and all the inks.

It is no feathering.  For pens like M nib Pelikan, which lays down a decidedly wet line, behaved well on this paper. Dry times are all good.  

But  light ghosting and bleed-through may happen with the Nemosine stub nib inked with very wet de Atramentis ink, and a smidgen with the Pilot Falcon, which is a slightly flexy F nib.