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Manifestation Journal

If you don’t know what you want

How can you ask for it?

Just let your thoughts flow onto the paper

Discover your truly desire.

Try Free Writing,Release Your thoughts

Refillable, you could use the cover again and again...

A lined journal is enough, no distractions

Manifesting at your own pace

Durable ,Cruelty Free

Ethnical , Meditate like a buddhist

Let "magnet" empower you to turn your wildest dreams into reality.

Our Customers speak for us

Josh T.Excellent quality and customer service!
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Excellent quality and customer service! I reached out with a question before purchasing. Received a message back almost immediately from the designer. Not only was she awesome, she directed me to this product that was exactly what I was looking for as a Christmas present for my wife. The quality is outstanding and I’m sure it will last for many years to come! I cannot wait to give it to the wife (assuming she doesn’t find this review before Christmas and spoil the surprise)
Need More StuffAWESOME and Makes you Want to Joural one day.
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I bought this because I feel like I should start writing things down for my kids later to read, and because I was a little bummed from being trapped at home during Covid. I HOWEVER have not started this yet 🙂 This is a Great Jornal in every aspect. Perfect size, design, quality, smell. You will love it. Even if you use it for grocery list, recipes or whatever. It's very attractive and good for any age.
BiancaBunny Everything that I was looking for in a journal!
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Checks all my boxes: -Soft and smooth cover that does not stain from holding it. Vibrant color. Beautiful design. -Looks and feels like a high quality leather product that I purchased in Italy. Very happy to know that you can now get the same long lasting quality without causing harm. -The journal itself can be replaced with a refill. The hardcover book is beautiful in itself and will be passed down to my children. -Lined pages are smooth and easy to write on. I use a gel pen which does not bleed through. Line spacing is perfect for my handwriting. Not to large or too small. Just right. My fountain pen also works beautifully without bleeding through. Will be purchasing again in another color for scripture study. Great value for the cost.
JTrinity@Amazing quality
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I do tons of research before purchasing most things, ensuring I’m buying things consciously & not contributing to waste. As a poet, a journal is an important item for Me... this cruelty free option is beautiful quality & I’m able to feel the loving intention with the one who created it. Thank you!
JesseNice Journal
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This journal is very nice came in nice packaging as well. The leather wrap was a nice addition to the journal as well. I even noticed that you can use the green cover for another journal. Because you can slide the journal out of it when you complete the joirnal. So it is almost a journal protector as well, that is a bonus to me. The pages are numbered and it has a table of contents to keep track of memorable moments. The journal also has three ribbons to keep track of your place in the journal. All in all looks like it will be an easy journal to keep track of memories. I am excited to use it.
MarissaGreat Quality
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This Journal is beautiful and well made. I love how it's easy to write in and yet still has that leather bound wrap to it. I chose this specific journal for it's refillable feature so when I finish writing on all the pages I could buy another book of the same size and just replace that inside the leather cover. I think a solid 5 star rating is perfect for this product. Thank you for a good quality journal.
CallieSo Beautiful
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I love when I find vegan and ethical things that are also this gorgeous! I wanted a pleather journal to take notes for philosophy in, and this is perfect! Plus, once you fill your notebook you can refill it. I’d say this has great value, and is a great gift for yourself or for the vegan in your life.
JessicaBeautiful and great quality
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The craftsmanship of the “leather” sleeve far surpassed my expectation. The faux leather seems like real leather and the design is gorgeous. I love that the journal, which is also great quality, is refillable so I can continue using the sleeve after I fill the pages. Great product overall!
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First of all I love the sunflower carved into the cover as it is my favorite flower. The journal is a decent size and I love the ability to either to use the leather cord to close the journal or just snap it shut. The inside pages actually give you a few table of contents pages. The paper itself is very smooth to write on and takes well to ballpoint or fountain pen. There is a velcro pocket in the cover of the journal which is very convenient. Really lovely journal and priced right.
Mr. & Mrs. MillerEverything I was looking for!
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It's perfect. My favorite color. Beautiful detail. Inside pocket is pretty cool. I keep my post-it notes there. I absolutely love that it came earlier than it was supposed to. I was so excited to get it. Did have a little issue with the strap but the sender was extremely quick to respond to me and fix the issue. I'm very thankful for their help and the great quality of this journal. The numbered pages are a first for me. But extremely useful because it has a contents page. Love how you can put the page number down next to the memory, quote or drawing that you want to remember and be able to quickly find it if you want to look back on it. It will save me from trying to look at every page inorder to find what I'm looking for. I like that the refills aren't expensive as well. This was everything I was looking for and more!! I highly recommend this journal to anyone looking for their forever journal. I know it will be mine.
SGJNot real leather
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I bought this as a gift after searching for "leather journal". Although it is very nice - soft cover, good quality notebook insert - it is not real leather. The description is Vintage PU Leather, I didn't realise that PU means faux leather. Elsewhere the cover is described as leather, and the cover material as PU leather. A bit disappointed that it was not made clear up front that it's not real leather.
Cindy S.Refillable Journal
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Journal is very beautiful with much details. Love the refillable lined paper on the inside to write in. Journal looks very authentic and reminds me of the books that were written in by the prophets of old. A great value! I love them so much I bought four to give for Christmas gifts!
EVSo worth it
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The cover is well made and feels nice. The notebook comes out the cover, and is also well made. Might have been the most I’ve paid for a notebook but it’s worth it! I feel real fancy, now the only thing I need is a pen.
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I don't write a journal very often, but I couldn't resist this. It is a very soft leather and is so beautiful. The yellow is rich and the orange adds accents that make the journal look like a warm sunny day. The leather is soft like butter. It is easy to close and small enough that it fits in most purses. I've been using it to keep my todo list, which means the first few pages that allow you to write a table of contents are basically lost on me; however, I do think it would be amazing for someone who does journal and has a chance to reflect on everything after they have been written.
MichelleNice Journal cover
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I was really excited to received this in the mail I've had it for about a month or just a little longer and it comes with an actually journal which I didn't realized so I took it out and replaced it with my current journal Leuchtturm 1917 and it fit perfectly I have a custom comic art done by a artist on Instagram named Artwxrld so I don't want it to get ruined. But the journal that comes with it is lovely as well and will use it once my current one is completed. I don't use the leather tie for it and the opening button it a little floppy was scared i was going to rip the flop tiring to open it but after a while you get use to it and love it.
STripQuality craftsmanship and cute to boot!
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This is, by far, my very favorite journal! The craftsman is impeccable…the cover is soft, yet durable, it resists staining, and best of all, it’s refillable!! This journal is the perfect size, not too big, not too small, and I absolutely adore the fact that there’s a hidden compartment inside the cover. It’s truly one of my most prized possessions and is a journalist’s dream!
RosemaryBeautiful Vegan Leather Journal
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Gorgeous journal! Beautiful soft vegan leather! Love the inspirational cover with a mini tag card. My journal was delivered without a cord tie, and I contacted Valery Story through Amazon messaging. Outstanding customer service -above and beyond! - Thank you so much Logan! Love, love, love the hunter green datebook! I also purchased the Law of Attraction journal in a deep purple color, and two other journals with the tree of life on cover - that is how much I love these journals!
James StrockLove, love, love this!
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This is a wonderful journal! The leather cover is beautifully crafted and highly attractive. The photos online are accurate though can't convey the high-quality of the actual product. I chose the blue color, which is lovely though of course a matter of taste. The interior journal is well-done and practical. I write a lot and this is an easy journal to use. If you like the way it looks online you should be pleased. In sum: Highly recommended. The cover is attractive and durable, befitting a journal that one might use for years. The notebook inside is also good. This is a journal package that one could well bond with, become quite attached to through the intimate act of handwriting. The cover adds a timeless feel, classic elegance, yet with the up-to-date features one would wish.
Kris Anderson, The Avid ReaderBeautifully crafted notebook
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This is a beautiful blue journal. The cover has words embossed in it. This is a well-crafted journal, and it is beautifully done. It has a hardcover notebook inside that can be replaced when it is full. You will always be able to use the cover. There is a pen loop inside. It closes securely. The weight of the paper is good for pencil and ink pen. I have not tested it with a felt tip pen, but I do not believe it will bleed through. Markers will bleed through. I like that there are three ribbon markers attached. There is also a hidden pocket. The sheets are perforated so they can be removed if you desire. This notebook can have many uses. I am very impressed with the quality. This is a beautiful, well-made journal.
Misse JonesBetter than advertised!
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I absolutely love and adore everything about this journal. I selected the purple journal and it is so beautifully made and constructed. The craftsmanship is A+. And, if you're hard on journals like I can be, this one is great because it's very sturdy. I like the writing on the cover and the the sleek design of the pages. The table of contents is a nice touch with the option of using corresponding page numbers. I journal often and sometimes I'd like to have better structure for my writing and this is it.
tzNice Journal
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I like to write while I'm traveling and sometimes feel if I can write by hand, I can express myself better. I love this journal for taking with me on the go and writing down thoughts and ideas. It's really nice. Plus, the yellow is bright and happy. The best part is that this has inspirational tidbits on the front that help me get motivated to put my thoughts into words. This journal is packaged nicely and would make a great gift for those who love to jot things down by hand.
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I am really pleased with this Writing journal for men. I am a female but I was drawn to the inspirational cover. I feel that the affirmations on the cover serve well for a man or woman. The journal is well made with even stitching and a classy snap closure. Included is a leather strip if one wants to use that for closure. The paper inside is smooth and a pleasure to write on. The journal is refillable and the quality is perfect. This journal is quite giftable for a man or woman.
NaughtiLiteratiRich color and so enjoyable to write in.
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This a beautiful journal that I love to keep my favorite recipes in - given the downtime we had for this pandemic, I wanted to get back to the simpler pleasures and writing is definitely one of them. Cooking is another and I write the recipes I liked most and added my extra touches to. The journal paper is smooth and can be written on with any type of pen because the ink won't smear. I usually use gel pens and so my favorite purple one is already at the ready for this delightful little recipe book of mine!
BennyAwesome journal. Quality paper and materials.
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I love this journal!. Quality paper. Durable cover. The leather ties look complicated in the picture but really they aren’t. They just wrap around the journal very easily then the end ticks end without much effort (I often do this while walking). My pen tucks into the inside edge and the flap keeps it in place although there is an elastic pen holder on the inside which is very nice quality. I’m just way too impatient to stop and tuck a pen in there when I can simply lay it next to the pages and close the flap. The flap itself is gently magnetized to keep it closed even if you don’t wrap the leather straps ever single time. There are three pretty ribbons for place holders which I love bc I often have different sections in my journal and this way I can mark each place holder. I would definitely recommend this journal. It would make an excellent gift. I guess I gifted it to myself 😉
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