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Some of them are too happy with our journals that came back to buy more

” Happy to find a quality (vegan) leather, cute journal! I absolutely love this journal! Secret pocket, bookmark ribbon, pen holder, blank or lined paper refills available for purchase, that all wraps up prefectly! I bought one for myself and another for a gift! Highly recommend and I’m sure I’ll buy more in the future!”-Parker


”I really love Valery’s vegan leather journals. This one is slightly smaller than my others,and has a pocket. Very necessary. It just arrived,and I am deciding its use. There is a loop on the back,to hold the wrap-around vegan leather. I seriously recommend this company’s journals- this is my fourth.“-Libby e berman


”I love this vegan leather journal! I’ve been writing everyday and it’s the perfect size journal to throw in my purse on the go so I can write whenever. So happy to have finally found a vegan journal.“-devon


“I bought this journal for my husband because he was always writing down his thoughts on everything. This is beautiful. It looks so much more expensive than it was. Even the paper is quality paper. I would be proud to give this as a gift to anyone . Oh, and the leather ties just add to the class”-Starla K Flannery


“This is exactly what I was looking for. Lots of room to write but still small enough to carry around daily. The quote is a perfect Addison and goes perfect with what I am using this journal for. The “leather” color is gorgeous. The wrap around closure makes this feel special and hand crafted. I would but again for myself and for gifts! Awesome product.”-Wendy S. Buchert


”This journal is wonderful. The book is hardback, but the CV over is very soft. It is a handsome journal for men and women alike”-KPJO


“Soft leather…we used it as a prayer journal for our son.”-Skiphanie


‘I’ve been a “tiny notebook” person for a few years now. I finally decided to upgrade my “tiny notebook” game to a more permanent and adult/professional looking journal rather than just whatever tiny notebook I could find and liked at the dollar store.

I picked the refillable journal and then bought two refills right away so I would have some standing by. It’s quickly become my favorite style. The layout is perfect for my day-to-day to do lists at work, but also the content at the beginning of the journal allows me to keep track of important meeting notes or other things that I might need fast reference to if I’m in a meeting with clients or the staff and don’t have access to a computer.

It’s really stepped up my game professionally!’-Terrii Wachala


’This is an awesome notebook! I love that it’s a cover with a removable notebook on the inside. I always love to get pretty journals, but feel they’re a waste when they’re leather/faux-leather covered and one-time-use only. This allows you to have different journals that you can swap out if you only have one cover, and easily replace when you fill on up. And the refills are very reasonably priced and contain table of contents pages at the front. It comes in a variety of colors (I have one in brown and one in the teal/turquoise).

I highly, highly recommend this product!“-AmandaT


Some of them successfully got others take our vegan leather journal as real leather products, because it is really hard to tell , soft and durable.

“The pre-vegan in me is reminded of my past “Easy Rider” fringed leather jacket days while unwrapping/re-wrapping the very long faux-leather strap. Texture and feel of this object of art fooled my meat-eating son-in-law who gave me a look like I had betrayed the movement AND MYSELF by purchasing leather. Soft, supple and yearning to be filled with my notes for my next novel!”Carl J. Santoro


”I was reluctant to order this since it is not real leather. I though it might look cheap or might not hold up. I was wrong. It is very nice looking. And it seems to be holding up very well. I am really impressed by the quality most of all. It doesn’t look cheap. A nice little journal for writing in.“-Veronica 59

Some of them are fountain pen users,satisfied with the paper quality

“This journal can take a lot of abuse and the leather barely got a scratch on it. Paper is good with fountain pens and takes in water colors pretty well. It’s durable and there’s lots of pages to draw or write in. Plus you can refill it! So you can continue using the cover.”-Amelia Santiago


“I own 2 of these notebooks and have bought a half dozen refills for them. I get so many compliments on them and plan to buy some as gifts. They take fountain pen ink EXTREMELY well! I wish they came in a dotted version so I could use as a bullet journal.”-Rosi Garmendia


‘Purchased as a Christmas gift and I was apprehensive when I purchased. I didn’t know if it would be cheaply made or look cheap. When I opened the package, I was extremely pleased as this is a quality product! It’s heavy in the hand (a good heavy) and the paper is quality paper. The cover is beautiful! Anyone that likes to write in a journal or keep records of daily events will be well-pleased with this product.” –Linda R


”Color was true to the pictures. Really nice feel and looks like it will hold up over time. The included paper is also very nice and a nice creamy color. Would recommend!”-Hillary Brown

Some of them were satisfied with our service and came back to leave touchful long revivews.

’I found this item when I was looking for a cover for my Hobonichi Cousin, which is a A5 full size planner. Although I could tell this item would likely not fit it (the refill is an A5 slim), I was enchanted by the appearance, and figured I could always use another journal. (Punch line for those hoping this will fit a Cousin or other full A5 journal: it won’t, because it is not meant to do so). I was disappointed to find that Amazon had sent me a damaged item, but the seller took care of it immediately when I emailed. Proper service always wins me over, so even if the product falls short, I would not fail to acknowledge the seller.

This product, however, is lovely. The cover is faux leather, but feels lush and soft to the touch. The flap along the open edge of the notebook holds a pen loop, so it protects both pen and pages when packed in a bag. Bending back the flap allows it to sit flat when open, as does the cover and refill. The inside front and back covers have a small pocket to hold cards, stencils, or similar. The design is delicate and embossed into the surface, so it won’t be peeling off over time. The color I chose (Aqua blue) is just delightful, a warm turquoise beautifully contrasted by the dark brown faux leather ties along the spine, one of which wraps around the cover to hold it shut. The medals on the ties are a kind of antique bronze color, depicting a tree and a bird that looks like a phoenix or dove to me.

The refill has a slightly flexible textured paper cover in light blue. It has soft pleasantly ivory paper with 6mm spacing between the lines, discreet page numbers in the lower outside corners, three different colored ribbons, and an name/email page and three-page contents section at the front of the book. The last 15 pages or so are perforated for easy removal. If the seller made a 5mm dot grid refill, this journal would be a serious competitor to Leuchtturm1917 and other bullet journal favorites. As the picture shows, I tested the fountains pens that I have inked at the moment (yes, I have a thing for Pilots), and all did quite well, with no feathering, light ghosting, and some ink bleed-through only with the Nemosine stub nib inked with very wet de Atramentis ink, and a smidgen with the Pilot Falcon, which is a slightly flexy F nib. Even my M nib Pelikan, which lays down a decidedly wet line, behaved well on this paper. Dry times were all good.

Although my refill was damaged, due to the seller’s responsiveness and its overall quality and features, I will not hesitate to replace it with another of their refills. The cover could also house any A5 slim journal (such as a Moleskine large and the like). And if they ever made a cover to house a full A5 size notebook, such as a Hobonichi Cousin (W: 148 x H: 210 x T: 17 mm / W: 5.8″ x H: 8.3″ x T: 0.7″), I would snap it up in a heartbeat.

Highly recommend this seller and product, without reservation.”-Sage Hill Roses

A Few Complaints

After receiving these complaints, we know that our paper is not 100% fountain pen friednly to all the inks and all the fountain pens. So we remove the “fountain-pen friendly ” from our adverstising. We tried to use the best paper we can get, and most of our customers are happy with it.And we will keep improve to get the 2% customers happy with our journals.
For customers we can’t get their expectation, we refund.Your money is safe here.

“Unfortunately, the paper is not fountain pen proof as the description claims, paper is not anti-bleed. I want to give a better rating for the rest of it, as it really does look nice. You could try to find a refill that was bleed proof if you liked the cover enough, but then you might as well spend your money on a different journal entirely. No matter how nice it looks, it isn’t what it claims to be. I’m sure it would be fine if you were using a ball point pen though.”-Luthana


”Weird leather circular tie , kind of of a non business touch.“-TCincinnati


”The one I received has a beautiful cover but the journal’s binding is faulty.
Additionally, after writing this review the company refunded me without any further effort from me. With that, I will definitely purchase my refill from the company when I’m ready.“-Megan Mason


‘it wasn’t what i thought i was looking for. Although, is very nice.”-Sherri Jene McLain


“The cover is nice but when I opened it I was disappointed with the paper. It just doesn’t go with the cover. And although there is a place for a pen there is no pen included. This journal would be much nicer if they upgraded the paper.”-

Sharon Wichert