Ever wondered what it feels to have a new life?

A life where you do not have to worry about past actions and inactions? A life where you feel and know that you are free without the fear of being in bond? Have you ever wondered how it feels to live life knowing that you can break limits without hindrances? A life where you are sure that you can break through irrespective of strongholds and barriers?

Well, I have wondered about that kind of life, and now, I enjoy that kind of life!

And then I thought about how best I can show how grateful I am to live in this kind of life. I thought about how best you can appreciate your wife, husband or religious teachers and all that came to my mind is a Journal that reveals a visual representation of a new life – The tree of life!

Why Tree of Life Journal?

tree of life

I believe that life in itself is good, but the good comes with a lot of hindrances, inabilities, worries and struggles but I learned that in these things come the strength to do better, in the midst of the storm comes the vigor to put all aside and reignite faith and in the midst of the inabilities come the ability to show perseverance, persistence, and faith in the future.

While you pen down your thoughts, ideas, solutions to problems and things envisaged about a better end, it is my desire that the one who gets to own the tree of life journal understand that the tree of life encrypted on the journal is a way of telling you that when there is life, there is hope. The tree of life symbolizes peace in the midst of turbulence, growth in the perceived midst of stagnancy, immortality, and renewal of life amid dryness and strength in weakness.

The tree of life means you are deeply connected to the world around you, thus showing you that you are not an island. It shows that being connected to a new life, you will be able to grow and thrive

The tree of life is a symbol of family and your connection to your roots. It reveals the continuity of your generation and your likeness to expand to bear more fruits

When trees are young, they look pretty, but when they grow old, they become weak and may end up breaking to form another root causing them to grow stronger. The tree of life journal symbolizes that you will grow into a unique and peculiar person irrespective of what happens along the way


leather journal for women-vintage tree of life embossed cover
leather journal for women-vintage tree of life embossed cover

Although leaves fall off the trees, they come alive and blossom well during spring, thus revealing a rebirth. The tree of life journal symbolizes a new life, a fresh life full of positivity, strength, sound health and hope for a bright future.

While every tree starts as a young and flexible tree, as time passes, it becomes strong, deeply rooted in the foundations of the earth and stretching to reach the sky. Our tree of life journal also symbolizes your ability to grow in strength and wisdom and your ability to gain new experiences in vitality. As its need cuts across all phases, it serves as a perfect Christmas gift for your wife or husband and the appreciation gift to your religious teachers. You want to reassure yourself, and your loved ones of the positivity life has to offer? Shop Now!