You can make use of your writing journal in so many ways.

A writing journal can be used as a sketchbook, it can be used to document a vacation, it can be used as family memory book, it can be used as a place to write recipes, it can be used as a diary, it can be used as a place where you store images of cool things you want to be or have.

When you buy journal as a gift idea for your wife, friends and family, there’s no way for you to know what the person will use it for. But just imagine the person that you presented the journal to as a gift, find it difficult to sleep due to some crisis faced at work or the person win the lottery. That moment when the emotions is at the height of it peak and they are dying to let them out. Suddenly they find the journal you gave them as huge and viola! It’s like magic! They have a safe place to empty and process.

Buying journal as gift is fun for you too.



Picking one out on behalf of someone is cool. You can look for the perfect image or color on the cover if you are shopping for one person. Which is cool. You can actually search for what you really want like Images, lined paper, solid color, leather, and so on when shopping online.

There is something unique and special when you are giving a journal out as a gift. When you give journal to someone as a gift, you are reminding that person that the life they live is beautiful and worth recording. You are telling them the believe you have in them and their ability to create a kick as story.