Leather Journals for Men

Journal keeping is an art form, but more so than that – it’s an important part of mindfulness and mental health. Valery Story journals for men are made with 100% pure vegan leather, quality paper, a built in pen holder, and a hidden pocket. Unplug from the world of tech with one of our leather notebooks or opt in for a leather sketchbook. Go ahead, write your story, record your memories, make gratitude part of your daily routine, start a dream journal, or simply sketch your heart out. Our mission is to bring a little ‘off the grid’ back into your day to day, while staying true to nature with creative notebook alternatives.

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Vegan Leather Bound Journals for Men

Cruelty free leather is leather you can feel good about. Our leather journals bring some class and practicality to your writing experience and they make a great gift. With three different sizes to choose from, we cater to all kinds of writers, journalists and sketch artists.

Journal Sizes

A5 Notebooks

This classic A5 journal size sits at 8.8″ x 6.3″ for the cover and 8.3″ x 5.5″ for the refillable hardcover lined notebook.

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B6 Notebooks

The paper dimensions of our B6 journal is 6.8″ x 4.9″ with a 7.2″ x 5.5″ refillable hardcover lined notebook.

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5×7 Notebooks

Our 5″x7″ sketchbook and 5″x7″ notebook comes in various colors and styles for men.

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Lined Leather Notebooks

Our cool men’s leather journals are perfectly lined for any type of note taking or journal entries. We use only quality paper and as a quality made and refillable journal, your cover becomes sacred and can withstand ongoing use.

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Journal for Men with Choice of Color

We know that having a custom journal adds flavor and character. Select the best journal for men in the color of your choice. Here are a few of our best sellers:

Black Leather Journal

Blue Leather Journal

Brown Leather Journal

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What Makes Valery Story the Best Journal for Men?


Only the best vegan leather is used at Valery Story to make our leather notebooks . Our A5 journals, B6 journals, and 5×7 notebooks are soft and durable like real leather! No plastic feel. The vegan leather we use on our products isn’t the best option for shoes or jackets – but perfect for leather notebooks.

Cruelty Free

We never use real leather at all to produce our journals whatsoever. Cruelty free and earth friendly products is a sacred mission here at Valery Story. Our leather bound journals are made from a natural microfiber called petroleum. The soft, durable fabric is both earth friendly and long lasting.


Each leather journal for men is made with practicality in mind. Hidden pockets allow you to hide important notes or keepsakes, ribbon markers ensure you don’t forget where you left off, and a pen holder is simply convenient.


We offer a multitude of creatively designed leather covered journals for men – some with quotes on the cover or even an empty canvas for your contribution.


You never have to purchase another writing journal – our refillable journal is all you’ll need. You can purchase refills straight from our site so you know you’re always getting top notch quality.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What’s a Journal for Men Used for?

Journals for men can be used for literally anything – it can be a diary where you can note what happens to you and anything you’re pondering about. It can be used in a science lab for important diagrams and thesis notes. Or how about using your men’s journal for sketches and/or design ideas? It’s your choice!

Is a B6 Notebook Size Good Enough for a Mindfulness Journal?

A B6 notebook size is 6.8″ x 4.9″ with a 7.2″ x 5.5″ cover and the perfect size for writing down what you’re grateful for and for keeping your mindfulness in check. It’s a great size for note taking and – it’s a practical size to carry around while still being big enough for your journaling needs.

Where to Find the Perfect Faux Leather Bound Journal for Men?

At Valery Story, we pride ourselves on offering vegan, cruelty free, faux leather notebooks for everyone. Our petroleum based writing journal comes in 3 different sizes, a multitude of designs, and an array of colors.

What Size is an A5 Notebook?

This refillable journal inside our leather cover is size A5 which measures 8.3″ x 5.5″. This can be replaced with our quality paper anytime you run out – and the best part is, they’re hardcover and look neat on a shelf anywhere in your home.

Are Your Black Leather Journals Vegan?

Yes! Choose any leather journal, be it black, brown, blue, yellow, red, pink, purple, or even green – we have something for everyone. Any journal on our site is made of the highest quality vegan leather.

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